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Who is paying for this? 
The project, if approved at referendum, will likely be paid via communal bonding or as otherwise determined by the Town Council.

What is the price?

A formal cost for the project has yet to be determined via professional cost estimating. However, the magnitude of cost for a public project of this size is $25-30 million.

What will the taxes be?

The impact of this project’s cost on the final taxpayer is affected by numerous factors and cannot be determined until the project gets closer to referendum. Prior to referendum, a calculation will be made that determines what the projected cost impact to each resident will be. Said information will be issued prior to referendum.

Can we charge other towns to rent out the space?

The Town of Berlin can set “out of town” rates  for usage of the facility if the Town so chooses. This would be an administrative decision by the Town Council.

Why is the parking lot so large?

The parking lot size is driven by the projected occupancy of the building. However, there is room for this to be reduced in a number of ways. Final review of the parking will be established by planning and zoning. It’s possible that parking can be reduced and “overflow / lawn” parking can be provided to address larger events.

Will it be on a bus route and can CT Transit stop here? Also, would there be a bus shelter?

There is a bus route on Farmington Avenue. Establishing a CT transit bus stop at the community center is a possibility. However, that would have to be negotiated with the bus company.

A shelter for bus transportation can be provided.

Will seniors have to call for Dial-A-Ride?

Seniors or other Berlin patrons will have multiple options to get to the center. They will be able to rely on the current senior bus service (Dial-A-Ride), public bus, ride-share applications (Uber / Lyft), and other personal arrangements.

Are there safe walking and biking routes?



Will there be bike racks?



Will there be a walking route connected to the train station?

Yes. We anticipate a rear access to lower lane and sidewalk access to Farmington Avenue.


What is the use of the pool? (competition pool, lap pool, diving pool, community pool, recreation pool)

The final pool use is yet to be determined. It is currently envisioned as a competition pool. However, the design envisions two (2) pools within the space. 

1 - the main pool is to be a competition pool. It will have 8 lanes. Currently we have not shown a diving well, but a diving well can be added.

2 - the second pool is to be a smaller “therapy / recreation / activity pool.” This pool is to be used for activity classes, swim lessons, and therapy.

Is the pool CIAC compliant?

If the pool is going to be a competition pool, it will be CIAC compliant.


Is the pool compliant for competition diving?

The pool can be designed to be compliant for competition diving at the high school level and at the 1 meter board height. However, there currently is no plan to support 3 meter diving or platform diving.

What will the depth of the pool be? 

Final depths of the pool are yet to be determined. The depth of the competition pool will be determined by the final competitive / diving use. The depth of the therapy / activity pool is likely to be approximately 40-48” across the pool width to support activity classes, recreation, and swim lessons.

Can seniors and families use the pool?

The pool will be a community pool that will be run by the Parks and Recreation Department. Use and access to the pool will be for all patrons and communal guests.